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Try Going Off the Wheaten Path.

You might be surprised with what you find…delicious, nutritious, feel good healthy food.

Catch us if you can!

Off the Wheaten Path uses all locally sourced, organic food sources whenever
possible, for the best flavor and nutritional content available.

Now Open Late.

Our curfew was extended, so we now stay out late! Come find us for after work dinner or munchies today!

Wheat-Free Never Looked So Good.

Who says “no wheat” means “no flavor”? We certainly don’t. Try one of our gluten-free pasta options today.

Farm to Table.

Our food is fresh from local farmers, and delivered to us regularly to ensure everything that reaches your mouth tastes amazing. If you want to know where something came from, just ask! We’ll be able to tell you.

Our Menu Changes with the Seasons

Because our foods are locally grown, we adapt and change with the seasons. In other words, don’t expect an apple pie in the middle of March, but we’ll have something else equally delicious available for you.

Well Balanced, Just for You.

When you choose to eat at Off the Wheaten Path, you don’t have to worry about counting calories. Why not? Because we do it for you, and create delicious, balanced meals that you won’t feel like you’re missing out with.

Off the Wheaten Path Mobile Kitchen Main Stops

What our customers have to say:

I chose Off the Wheaten Path to cater our office picnic and it was a huge hit. They took care of everything and even let us taste everything beforehand. It was a great experience to work with them!

Jennifer Duncan

Secretary, Kelly Law, LLC

Normally I love traditional bread, but Off the Wheaten Path has made me into a wheat-free believer! After eating there I feel energized and ready to take on my day!

Karen Jules

Author, Karen's Korner, Inc.

It is so hard to find wheat-free, delicious food for my family. Now we can eat out without worrying!

Jesse Smith

Stay at home dad

When I get tired of eating my own bison burgers, I always check Twitter to see if OTWP is around. It’s my favorite food that I don’t make myself!

Bill Flak

Chef, Bill's Bison Burgers

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